A digital currency for sport clubs & celebrities
A project solving important problems in fan interaction and giving stars the opportunity to discover their most valuable fans and upscale their monetarization. Come and enter a year from year growing industry and the world of fan tokens which have not even reached a percent of their whole potential yet!

The Starzz ecosystem combines the Supporterzz.com Platform and the Starzz Exchange, underpinned by the native SRZ token and unique Champion tokens.
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Our mission
We want to enable Champions to identify their most loyal fans, unlock additional monetization possibilities and maximize the lifetime value of every fan by actively including them in the decision making process through voting with the unique Champion tokens. The Starzz ecosystem will further offer a wide array of products and services such as social media networking, live streaming, marketplace for merchandising and NFTs, marketing services, ticketing and many more.

Fans will finally have the power to influence the decisions and future of their favorite Champions, as well as a degree of interaction with them that they have never had access to before. We are also introducing a novel concept known as the Decentralized Autonomous Club, a sports club that is run democratically by all fans as a DAO. The purpose of the DAC is aligned with our main goal, which is to bring the decision power back where it belongs — in the hands of the fans.
The Supporterzz.com Platform
Voting with Champion tokens
We are introducing unique tokens for every Champion that will give voting rights to its holders and will be tradable on the Starzz exchange.
Social media network
Our social media network will offer multiple tools for advanced interaction between fans and Champions.
The marketplace will offer multiple product and service listings including NFTs, ticketing and unique merchandise.
We are implementing multiple incentive mechanisms and an Ambassador program that will continuously reward users.
The Supporterzz platform will be available both as a web and mobile application and will provide the use-case infrastructure for both the SRZ and Champion tokens.

The platform will combine a variety of functionalities with various sub-functionalities and incentive programs built within the whole ecosystem. An essential part of the Supporterzz platform will also be the marketplace for unique products, tickets, services and NFTs.
The Starzz exchange
The Starzz exchange is where the Champion tokens will be listed as trading pairs to SRZ. We will also provide further pairs such as SRZ/BTC, SRZ/ETH and SRZ/USDT options. Champion tokens will be exclusively changeable only to the native SRZ token.

Lowest offer price will be listed at the top and automatically assigned to the buyer (and vice-versa) completing the trade. Every transaction will be a subject of a transaction cost of 0,19%, which will be split among the Starzz Exchange (0,09%) and the Champions (0,10%).
Champion tokens

Champion tokens will grant fans voting power on polls and surveys created by the their favorite Champions, which they can exercise transparently on the blockchain and participate in the professional development and decision making process. The voting system will be completely transparent, ensuring no fraudulent behavior is possible for either of the stakeholders.

For a limited time, the tokens will be made available for sale (much like during an ICO sale), allowing fans to gain early access at the best possible price and thus incentivize demand. These tokens will be transferable on the Starzz exchange in pairs for the platform’s native SRZ token. Champion tokens will be hosted on the permissioned Ethereum sidechain instance.

The economy behind Champion tokens is based on supply and demand for the voting power they hold and unlocks multiple possibilities for both Champions and their fans.
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The Starzz ecosystem: unlock the full power of fan engagement
Fan engagement has been confirmed by marketers and psychologists to be the future in the interaction between consumers and professional stakeholders within the E&M sector.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the most comprehensive set of tools for Champions and their fans under one roof. This is how it all comes together.
The Supporterzz.com Platform
The Supporterzz.com Platform is where all the action happens - fans and Champions can interact with each other like never before.
The native SRZ token
The native SRZ token is used as the main payment method within the Starzz ecosystem.
The Starzz Exchange
The Starzz Exchange facilitates the distribution and transfer of Champion tokens.
Champion tokens
Champion tokens grant voting rights that can be exercised on the Supporterzz.com Platform and are transferable on the exchange.
Decentralized Autonomous Club
We will acquire the full rights over an existing football club and create its own unique token. Anyone owning the token will be able to vote on all club decisions like player transfers, strategic orientation and much more. The DAC will have no managing figures behind it and will instead be entirely community-governed with a bottom-up approach.

What better way for fan engagement than giving fans the full power over how a club is governed in a transparent and democratic way?
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The SRZ Utility token
Token name
Token Type
3,000,000,000 SRZ
Token Supply
Token ICO
0.06 €
ICO price
1,500,000 €
Soft cap
45,240,000 €
Hard cap
SRZ is a Utility token released on the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC20 standard.

Unsold SRZ will be relocated to the next sale phases. At the end of the last sale phase (public sale), all unsold tokens will be burned.

For the facilitation of the Champion tokens, we will create our own permissioned Ethereum sidechain network that will run parallel to the main Ethereum network. The purpose is to reach better execution times and costs due to the high amount of expected transactions in Champion tokens

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Private sale
01.04.2023 — 31.05.2023
490,000,000 SRZ
0,036 €
Price (40% bonus)
01.06.2023 — 31.07.2023
200,000,000 SRZ
0,048 €
Price (20% bonus)
Public sale
01.08.2023 — 30.09.2023
300,000,000 SRZ
0,06 €
Token distribution
Bug bounty program
Ambassador program
Community rewards
Advisory board
Partnerships & Strategic acquisition
ICO Fund Distribution
Other operating costs
Corporate structuring
Seed Round
Private Round
Public Sale
Lock-up period
5 months
3 months
1 month
0 month
Vesting period
30 months
24 months
18 months
12 months
Lock-up period
12 months
6 months
4 months
Vesting period
36 months
24 months
24 months
Bug Bounty
Lock-up period
0 months
0 months
0 months
Vesting period
36 months
24 months
24 months
Project roadmap
November 2022
  • Official Whitepaper release
  • Website & Investor Dashboard
  • Preparation of legal documents & token sale agreement
  • Start Marketing & Community Building
Apr — May 2023
  • Airdrop & Bounty campaign
  • Start Private Sale
Successful completion of the ICO sale, pilot of the Supporterzz Platform and Starzz exchange.
Jun — Jul 2023
  • Start Pre-Sale
Aug — Sep 2023
  • Public sale
Dec — Mar 23/24
  • Pilot STARZZ Exchange
  • Pilot SUPPORTERZZ platform
Apr — May 2024
  • Launch of ECO System
  • Listing of 1st 10+ Champion token
Launch of the Supporterzz Platform and Starzz Exchange, implementation of additional functionalities and introductions of Champions Token
June 2024
  • Start of further development of DAO, NFTs, product and services to the ecosystem
  • Scale to 50+ Champion Token
Further expansion of the company and the ecosystem
  • First positive EBIT report
  • More than 1 million € EBIT
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